Can you make a living out of Streaming? Here’s how to earn money from Streaming!!!

how to earn money from streaminghow to earn money from youtube gaming

Streaming, are people actually so dumb these days to watch other people play video games, as Jimmy Kimmel said on his most popular show “The Jimmy Kimmel Live”, no wonder this statement backfired on him that he had to apologise to all the gamers who were offended. When there is nothing wrong with people watching someone play football instead of they themselves going out and playing, there is nothing wrong in people watching other people playing video games!

Actually, few streamers out there make a huge living out of their career that even most reputed Tennis players are no where close to their earnings! So, the question “Can you make a living out of Streaming?” is no longer a question, we hope.

You can, without a doubt make a luxurious living out of streaming, as long as you are ready to provide quality content. People love to learn the game by watching someone else who is better than them. People Subscribe to their favourite streamers to support them and there are people who even donate to the streamers to support them even further, as long as the content is creative, fun to watch and skillful.

The next common question is, “How do streamers actually make money?”. Well, there are multiple platforms on which a person can stream and make money. For example, let us consider . Twitch is the biggest platform for streaming, not only games but also various other subjects, but most of the time people only stream games on Twitch, but on further search, you can find people streaming Art, Cooking, Painting, Music and various other subjects on different categories like “Social Eating” and “Creative”.

Twitch pays you whenever a viewer watches an advertisement shown on your stream, further more, people who would like to support you will click on the subscribe button which is 4.99$ and few other people choose to donate anywhere between 1$ to how much ever they would like to donate. As long as you are dedicated and ready to provide quality content to the viewers, you can surely make a living out of streaming. Other popular source of streaming is Youtube Gaming, Youtube also pays you according to the number of the views you will be having on your stream by showing Advertisement to the viewers once in a while.

Is your dream earning money from doing something you love? Then streaming is the best platform to show off your skills and passion for what you love 🙂

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